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Restorative Justice Conflict Resolution Process or Workshop

Any USD-Affiliated individual or group may request a RestorativeJ ustice workshop or outreach effort for an on-campus organization, group, or class by submitting the "Request Form" below or contacting The Office of the Assistant Dean of Students in UC 132 or at (619) 260-4590

The Conflict Resolution Process is specifically designed to address a particular conflict or challenge in a group or between individuals and are tailored for the needs of the individual/group. These are often more time sensitive and can be requested on short notice.

Workshops can be used to increase knowledge and skills around a particular topic. The content and length of the workshop can be adjusted to meet the needs of the group. Workshops require at least two weeks notice.

All efforts are tailored to the specific needs and learning goals of the requester/requesting group. After submitting the form below you will be contacted to confirm the request and specific needs.

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