Compliance Oversight Committee

  • Terry Kalfayan, Vice President of  Finance & Chief Financial Officer, Co-Chair of the Compliance Oversight Committee                                        
  • Thomas Herrinton, Vice Provost,  Co-Chair of the Compliance Oversight Committee                       
  • Kelly Douglas, General Counsel                
  • Salesh Sharma, Director of Internal Audit
  • Kellie Nehring, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Traci Merrill, Director of Sponsored Programs
  • Michael Quesada, Director of Tax and Compliance
  • Katy Roig, Associate Vice President and Controller
  • Sara Allard, Assistant Director of Athletics Compliance                                    
  • Karen Briggs, Assistant Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Paula Krist, Director of Institutional Research and Planning                                          
  • Cynthia Avery, Assistant Vice President Student Life
  • Robert Brauer, Building Maintenance Supervisor                                             
  • Sandra Ciallella, Associate Vice President of Development
  • Barbara Schatzer, Director of Risk Management

Contact Information

University of San Diego Compliance Program
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: (619) 260-5914