Academic Regalia and Participation

Faculty will receive an email from the Commencement Committee in March with a link to the USD Torero Store’s online attendance and regalia order form. Faculty, please select the ceremonies you plan to attend and order regalia, if needed, and submit the form online. Regardless of whether you order regalia, let us know which ceremonies you plan to attend Commencement(s) by marking your attendance on the online form. This helps ensure there is adequate seating on the platform for faculty!

Faculty can order caps and gowns online at the USD Torero Store beginning February 21, 2019. It is not guaranteed that you will receive school-specific regalia after the deadline-to-order date, in which case you must still fill out the online attendance form and then call the USD Torero Store at 619-260-4551 to inquire. 

Faculty cap and gown pick up begins May 13, 2019 at the USD Torero Store during regular store hours. Regalia ordered through the USD Torero Store must be returned immediately following Commencement. Please deposit regalia in the bins provided for this purpose inside the Jenny Craig Pavilion.

Law Faculty: Contact the Office for Law Student Affairs for instructions on ordering your regalia. The deadline for law faculty to RSVP for the Law Commencement ceremony and submit their regalia request is March 1.