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Climate Education Partners (CEP) is a dynamic, interdisciplinary collaboration of representatives from the University of San Diego, Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC), California State University San Marcos, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, The San Diego Foundation, and The Steve Alexander Group. This multipartner team brings together expertise in climate science, social psychology, law, policy, and communications.

Principal Investigators

michel boudriasMichel Boudrias, PhD, University of San Diego (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Boudrias is Chair and Professor of the Marine Science and Environmental Studies Department and Chair of the Sustainability Task Force at the University of San Diego. His research includes interdisciplinary projects combining marine ecology and marine chemistry. (Full Bio)

Scott AndersScott J. Anders, MA, University of San Diego (Co-PI/Project Director)

Mr. Anders is the Director of the Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC), at the University of San Diego. Anders' work focuses on regulatory and policy issues related to developing efficient and low-carbon energy sources. (Full Bio)

Mica EstradaMica Estrada, PhD, California State University San Marcos (Co-PI)

Dr. Estrada is Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Psychology at California State University San Marcos. She earned her doctorate in Social Psychology from Harvard University. (Full Bio)

Sasha GershunovAlexander Gershunov, PhD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD (Co-PI)

Dr. Gershunov is a Research Meteorologist at the Climate, Atmospheric Science and Physical Oceanography (CASPO) Division at SIO. His research focuses on interrelated aspects of weather, climate and society. (Full Bio)

Nilmini Silva-SendNilmini Silva-Send, PhD, University of San Diego (Co-PI)

Dr. Silva-Send is EPIC's Senior Policy Analyst and Adjunct Faculty at the School of Law, University of San Diego. Her policy work on energy and climate change focuses on local transportation energy use and costs of mitigation measures. (Full Bio)

Team Members

Team members

Steve Alexander, The Steve Alexander Group

Steve AlexanderMr. Alexander is President of The Steve Alexander Group, experts in facilitation, coaching, media crises and communications strategies in public affairs with unique expertise in collaborative decision-making. (Full Bio)

Kathleen (Katie) Bamburg, University of San Diego (Project Manager)

Katie BamburgMs. Bamburg joined the CEP team in March 2013, coming from the University of California, Santa Barbara's Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research, where she managed federal and private contracts and grants focusing on social science research and outreach.

Nicola Hedge, MPIA, The San Diego Foundation

Nicola HedgeMs. Hedge is Manager of the Climate Initiative at The San Diego Foundation. She leads implementation of Climate Initiative, working with nonprofits, business, donors, and government partners. (Full bio)

Sally Romoser, The Steve Alexander Group

Sally RomoserMs. Romoser is a marketing and strategic communications expert with an extensive background in public relations, media relations, crisis and communications and issues management, creative direction, corporate branding, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. (Full Bio)

Joseph Schmitt, California State University San Marcos

Joey SchmittMr. Schmitt is a graduate student at California State University San Marcos. He received his B.A. in Psychology with minors in Business and Environmental Studies from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2010. He has been working with the CEP project since July 2011.

P. Wesley Schultz, PhD, California State University San Marcos

Wes SchultzDr. Schultz is Professor of Psychology at California State University San Marcos. Schultz's areas of expertise are social psychology and statistics. His current research interests are in the application of social psychology to help understand and solve social problems. (Full Bio)

Brian Teng, University of San Diego (Project Assistant)

Brian TengMr. Teng joined the CEP team in October 2013. Previously he worked for several non-profit educational organizations and received his B.S. in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution from UCLA in 2012.

Emily Young, PhD, The San Diego Foundation

Emily YoungDr. Young serves as Senior Director of the Environment Program at The San Diego Foundation. Young manages TSDF's environmental grants, and works with the Environment Working Group to adapt and implement the Environment Program. (Full Bio)

Zhi-Yong (John) Yin, PhD, University of San Diego

John YinDr. Yin is Professor of Marine Science and Environmental Studies at the University of San Diego. Yin's research focus is hydroclimatology, with special interests in recent and past climate variations and the impact on hydrological systems and water resources. (Full Bio)