Phase II

PhaseII Biking ImageIn 2012, Climate Education Partners was one of six of the original 15 projects to be awarded additional funding from the National Science Foundation to continue investigational and outreach efforts. With this continued support, we have developed a robust suite of integrated activities planned over the course of the five-year project. The efforts are organized in five broad categories:

  • Gather Local Climate Data: Serve as a local resource for information analysis on the causes and impacts of climate change; Impacts will include heat waves, wildfires, beach erosion and water supply
  • Develop Community Education Materials: Create practical resources focused on local impacts of climate change for regional leaders and their communities
  • Implement Community Information Programs: Conduct a range of creative climate science educational activities, including climate impact tours, roundtable discussions and electronic media outreach to assist leaders in the community with their climate change planning needs
  • Evaluate Best Practices: Assess climate science education resources and activities to determine the most effective ways for San Diegans to learn about climate change
  • Serve as a Model for Other Regions: Develop resources and tools that serve as an informative model in other communities of California and the nation