Phase I

Project ImageOur project was one of 15 nationwide selected to receive National Science Foundation funding to develop climate change education strategies.

Phase I Achievements

  • Assembled an Advisory Board of local leaders and visionaries
  • Conducted in-depth personal interviews with a representative sample of key influential leaders from around the San Diego region. Insights from the qualitative analysis were captured in a summary report
  • Conducted focus groups to explore and clarify a range of climate and general science-related messages, approaches and knowledge
  • Conducted stakeholder meetings to garner feedback on proposed approaches to climate education
  • Developed a series of informational videos and conducted an experiment to assess the effectiveness of a range of messengers and messages related to climate science
  • Developed an annotated bibliography of research from the fields of education, communication and behavioral sciences on climate education in non-academic settings
  • Developed an inventory of existing online and community resources that increase climate change knowledge and behavioral change