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Team Project PhotoClimate Education Partners is working to share science about our changing climate with regional leaders. With a solid scientific foundation, our leaders can make informed decisions on how best to protect the spectacular natural beauty, economic vibrancy and preserve the quality of life in San Diego, not just for today, but for all future generations.

San Diego County is already experiencing impacts of a changing climate that challenge our precious natural resources, tourism and the regional economy. Concerned about the impacts that changes in our climate could have on the special quality of life we enjoy here, we believe that future generations deserve to enjoy the San Diego we know and love. Our goal is to come together with an accurate scientific understanding of how our climate is chaning in order to prepare for, respond to, and even reduce the impacts.

Specifically, Climate Education Partners has three long-term goals:

  • Educate: To increase understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change, especially its local impacts to quality of life
  • Evaluate: To identify the most effective informational methods to make climate science and its implications understood
  • Replicate: To develop and implement a national model for regional climate change education and communication by working with local expert scientists, educators, and local leaders