Climate Education Partners

Visit our NEW "Your Community Toolbox For Leading in a Changing Climate" Site!

Furthering the work of Climate Education Partner’s (CEP) signature report, “San Diego, 2050 Is Calling. HOW WILL WE ANSWER?” – a first-ever collaboration among community leaders and world-renowned scientists – CEP has launched its new website, Your Community Toolbox for Leading in a Changing Climate,” which provides a comprehensive and multimedia resource for other cities and regions looking to incorporate climate change education and leader engagement into their climate action planning efforts. 

View the resource website or download the PDF text-only script of this entire resource.

Climate Education Partners, San Diego Region, For San Diego's Future

We believe San Diego's natural beauty, ideal weather, and high quality of life deserved to be protected. We hope future generations will enjoy the San Diego we know and love. We also know changes in our climate threaten our region.  

To address this challenge, a collaboration of professors, scientists, researchers, educators, communications professionals, and community leaders has come together to form Climate Education Partners. Our aim is provide the best locally relevant climate science so regional leaders can make informed decisions about San Diego's future.

Join us as we bring local science to San Diego leaders and safeguard our region's quality of life.

For more information, visit our 2050 website and download the report in English or Spanish.

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