Please contact any of the CHR@USD committee members with questions or ideas regarding current or future events. You may also send an email to and your topic will be addressed by the committee. 

Name Ext. Department Group Email
Paul Aden 4318 Mail Center Staff
Anne Alcorn 4654 Career Services Staff
Lanee Battle Johnson 7455 Ctr for Inclusion & Diversity Staff
Niki Barrios 6641 Career Development Staff
Roxana Burns 4656 Mission & Ministry Staff
Hazel Claros 4524 Graduate Admissions Staff
Linda Coppa 6532 Athletic Development Staff
Tyler Crisman 4590 Student Conduct Admin
Jessica Critchlow 4768 Public Safety Admin
Joe Da Luz 4536 Custodial Services Staff
Kenny Eng 2539 Student Life Admin
Janet Engelman 2507 Athletics Administration Staff
Lisa Fernandes 4770 University Relations Staff
Adriana Garcia 2718 Human Resources Admin
Heather Gibb 4637 SOLES Staff
Debbie Gough 4553 Provost Office Admin
Arlene Handy 2215 One Stop Student Center Admin
Cynthia Haupt 5998 Business Services Staff
Julia Hess 2336 Copley Library Faculty
Paul Horton 2332 Law School Administration Faculty
Lupita Jewell 7663 Kroc School of Peace Studies Staff
Cathy Johnson 2263 Mission & Ministry Admin
Loryn Johnson 2356 Auxiliary Administration Admin
Tonis Manriquez 4329 University Center Operations Admin
Peter Marlow 7460 University Communications Admin
Janey Middleton 2466 Arts and Sciences Admin Staff
Roxanne Miranda 2700 Financial Aid Operations Staff
Paula Morreale 7530 Office of Sustainability Staff
Catherine Northcutt 2975 School of Business Staff
Karen Oropeza 2721 Human Resources Staff
Alma Ortega 2259 Copley Library Faculty
Kim Parks 2742 Summer and Intersession Office Admin
Larisa Patrick 4729 Biology Staff
Lenny Perry 7558 School of Engineering Faculty
Liza Peterson-Gary 4167 Information Tech Services Admin
Carla Petticrew 4783 English Staff
Elaine Poeu-En 7475 SOLES Staff
Pauline Powell 4545 Arts and Sciences Admin Faculty
Maria Preciado 7410 Controller Admin
Robert Riley 4216 Building Maintenance Staff
Michelle Rohde 6619 Human Resources Admin
Emma Rojas-Liseski 2939 Parking Services Staff
Cecilia Salanger 4320 Pardee Legal Research Center Staff
Ernie Salazar 2709 Grounds Maintenance Staff
Sara Saragosa 2284 Naval ROTC Staff
Judy Thomson 4648 Student Financial Services Staff
Andrew Van Der Hoek 4518 Parking Services Staff
Christina Williams 2700 Financial Aid Operations Staff
Miranda Williamson 7618 Kroc School of Peace Studies Staff

Contact Information

Community of Human Resources
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: (619) 260-4594
Fax: (619) 260-4630