Students Seek Video Votes in Competition to Promote Culturally Aware Consumer Products

Students Seek Video Votes in Competition to Promote Culturally Aware Consumer Products

Imagine an opportunity to make a contribution to a pair of well-known consumer product brands that not only can potentially improve sales, but also increase inclusivity and diversity and as a result, gain brand loyalty simply because the products would be culturally relevant to people.


The two products, Dove Men+Care line and Hellmann's Mayonnaise, are the focus of two University of San Diego students, Simone Batiste and Songo Wawa and their video entry (view above, vote at the link) in the 2018 Unilever Unigame competition. Their goal is for both Unilever products to better connect and engage with ethnically diverse consumers.

"Let's make Unilever products that are more culturally aware," said Batiste, a behavioral neuroscience major, and Wawa, who is studying International Relations.

To get closer to a chance to present their case at Unilever headquarters in New York and London, the duo is calling on all Toreros to help them advance deep in a video competition. Their entry advanced through an initial cut. It is currently among the top 45 and there is a Monday, December 11 voting deadline at which time Unilever will pare the video entrants to the Top 10.

Batiste and Wawa have been pushing hard to get word out about the video vote on personal social media channels to friends, family, and all other contacts and to share the link.

In the video, Batiste and Wawa explain their vision for the two products with suggestions of culturally diverse scent options for Dove+Men Care items and uniquely spiced ingredients to give Hellmann's mayonnaise users more flavor options.

The students are actively involved on campus and both are big believers in the Changemaker mentality at USD. Both feel entering this competition and bringing their idea to a mainstream audience is a chance they couldn't pass up.

"This unique opportunity will allow us to represent USD, in addition to implementing our inclusive change global wide," Batiste said.

Wawa has interned for multiple non-profit organizations, participated in numerous minority empowerment student organizations and has volunteered for the community as an advocate for those without a voice. Batiste enjoys cultural immersion and understanding the perspectives of others, saying, "I'm inspired every day to make a positive impact on the lives of others."

The Changemaker spirit appears in many forms, even in consumer products such as men's healthcare or mayonnaise, where a new approach, a new twist, a new view can make all the difference. That's what drives Batiste and Wawa’s passion to seek the votes necessary to get there.

— Ryan T. Blystone  

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