Meet the Changemakers: University of San Diego

Meet Kyle

“In sixth grade, I was 5-foot-11 and was playing sports with eighth graders. The eighth graders didn’t like that and they got physical. It was before school, during school and after school. It was put-me-in-my-place kind of bullying.

At USD, I was one of four students who started an organization that goes to schools and takes action against bullies. Bullying is something that affects everyone — either as a bully, a victim or a witness. The power lies with the witness, the bystander who wants to do something, but doesn’t know what to do. We’re teaching these students leadership skills and empowering them to find allies and build relationships in the community so when they see something happen they can stand together. We’ve reached out to more than 500 students in one semester and are looking to expand nationally. We want to change behaviors, change cultures, change society and change the way people see things. We want to empower everyone to be Changemakers.”

Meet other Torero Changemakers!

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