Meet the Changemakers: University of San Diego


Meet Thomas

Thomas Mallon was a highly regarded high school lacrosse player, looking forward to pursuing the sport he loved in college. That all changed in a moment. In a violent collision, Mallon crumpled to the ground. Trained to get up on his own, Mallon found himself being told not to move. A certified athletic trainer had rushed to his aid — which was a good thing. Mallon had broken his neck. Had he attempted to get up on his own, he may not have survived.

Most horrifying to Mallon was the subsequent realization that most high schools can’t afford to have trainers on the field. In response, he founded Athletes Saving Athletes, an organization to train students to become, in effect, first responders to emergencies like the one he had experienced.

“Every minute counts in an emergency,” he says, “but knowing what to do counts even more.”

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