Meet the Changemakers: University of San Diego

prof camacho

Meet Prof. Camacho

Sometimes Michelle Camacho’s sociology lessons happen on the streets of San Diego’s Barrio Logan. Sometimes they come to light through the eyes of a local high school student who’s learning a trade like plumbing.

To learn about contemporary social issues, Camacho sends students into the community to see how real-life situations relate to broader classroom discussions. Students use service-learning projects to hone research skills and to collect the data they need to better understand what they’re learning.

In one case, students organized a conference for high schoolers with questions about college life. Another student turned his lesson into a rap song.

“At USD, we try to understand students’ motivations and passions,” Camacho says. “I love to see students break the mold, learn in new ways and really shine. That’s what inspires me.”

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