Center for Educational Excellence

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Lending Library

The following titles are available to borrow or peruse in the Center for Educational Excellence Offices:

Book Author
Achieving Faculty Diversity: Debunking the Myths Daryl G. Smith
Adjunct Faculty Richard E. Lyons
Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses Elizabeth P. Cramer
Advice for New Faculty Members Robert Boice
Assessing Academic Programs in Higher Education Mary J. Allen
Book Author
Cell Phones, Laptops, and Facebook…. What Can I do About Them? (CD Program) Scott Lewis
Changing College Classrooms Diane F. Halpern
Classroom Management 101 (CD Program) Brian Van Brunt Jason Ebbeling
Collaborative Learning Techniques Elizabeth F. Barkley K. Patricia Cross Claire Howell Major
Cooperative Learning For Higher Education Faculty Barbara J. Mills Philip G. Cottell, Jr.
Creating the Entrepreneurial University to Support Liberal Education Samuel M. Hines
Creating Inclusive Campus Environments Shaun R. Harper
Creating Significant Learning Experiences L. Dee Fink
Developing Reflective Judgment Patricia M. King Karen Strohm Kitchener
Discussion as a Way of Teaching Stephen D.Brookfield Stephen Preskill
Effective Leadership Communication Mary Lou Higgerson Teddi A. Joyce
Engaging Ideas John C. Bean
Enhancing Scholarly Work on Teaching & Learning Maryellen Weimer
Establishing the Family Friendly Campus Jaime Lester and Margaret Sallee
Faculty Incivility The Rise of the Academic Bully Culture and What to Do About It Darla J. Twale Barbara M. De Luca
The Future of the Professoriate: Academic Freedom, Peer Review, and Shared Goverance Neil W. Hamilton, Jerry G. Gaff
Introduction to Rubrics Dannelle D. Stevens Antonia J. Levi
Learner -Centered Assessment on College Campuses Mary E. Huba Jann E. Freed
Learner-Centered Teaching Maryellen Weimer
Our Underachieving Colleges Derek Bok
Problem-Based Learning Peter Schwartz Stewart Mennin Graham Webb
Start Talking: A Handbook for Engaging Difficult Dialogues in Higher Education Kay Landis
Teaching and Social Justice  Carolyn Zerbe Enns & Ada L. Sinacore
Teaching Gender and Multicultural Awareness Phyllis Bronstein & Kathryn Quina
Teaching Thinking Beck
Teaching Tips Wilbert McKeachie
The Challenge of Problem-Based Learning Second Edition David Boud Grahame Feletti
The Department Chair Primer Don Chu
The Learning Portfolio John Zubizarreta
The Missing Professor Thomas B. Jones
The Power of Problem-Based Learning Barbara J. Duch Susan E. Groh Debroah E. Allen
Thinking about Teaching and Learning Robert Leamnson
To Improve the Academy Resources for Faculty, Instructional, and Organizational Development Linda B. Nilson Judith E. Miller
What's The Use of Lectures? Donald A. Bligh

Online Seminar Recordings (DVD)

How Can I Clarify Fuzzy Learning Goals? Linda Suskie
How Can I Learn Student Names? Dr. Ike Shibley
How Do I Create Engaging Threaded Discussion Questions? Dr. John Orlando
How Do I Discuss Academic Integrity During the First Class? Gary Pavela
How Do I Get More Students to Participate in Class? Dr. Maryellen Weimer
What If a Student Asks a Question I Can't Answer? Dr. Therese Huston
How Should I Handle Pushy Parents? Dr. Brian Van Brunt
How Do I Get Students to Read Thier Assignments Before Class? Dr. Maryellen Weimer
How Should I Respond to Wrong (or Not Very Good) Answers? Dr. Maryellen Weimer
Proven Strategies for Managing Disruptive Student Behavior Dr. Gerald Amada
Cell Phones, Laptops, and Facebook...What CAn I Do About Them? Scott Lewis
Classroom Management 101: Working with Difficult Students Brian Van Brunt, Jason Ebbeling
CEE Topic Binders 
Course Embedded Assessment 
Learning Communities
Visual Literacy
Internationalization of the Curriculum
Syllabus Construction
Teaching with Technology
Reflective Learning
Peer Evaluation