Work Life Balance

Does your desk look like the picture to the right? Feeling overwhelmed? Having a difficult time prioritizing everything you have to do? These are all typical struggles that impact faculty. Learning the skills to balance one’s life, manage one’s time and become better at communicating and organizing can be key to a successful career and to accomplishing your goals both at the university and in your home life.

The Center for Educational Excellence and several other departments on campus offer ways to learn about some basic ins and outs about how to better manage your time and get a better balance in your life. Please see some of the links on this page for resources. 

Wellness Programs

Human Resources has several Wellness Programs including chair massage, self-guided walking routes, smoking cessation, a weight loss program and other initiatives. The Student Wellness area also provides services to faculty and staff.

Spiritual Support

University Ministry offers the opportunity for all students to seek spiritual guidance and/or to spend time reflecting with a wise companion on where God is moving in their lives. One-time sessions, to help manage a particularly stressful week, as well as regular meeting times (such as once or twice a month) are available.

To reach University Ministry, call (619) 260-4735.


The Mind-Body-Spirit Team at the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science promotes the well-being of students, faculty, and staff through stress reduction interventions inside and outside the classroom. We are dedicated to supporting students in the development of stress hardiness as they move through graduate school and into their professional careers. We are also committed to enabling faculty to use stress-reduction interventions to promote student and faculty well-being. We address the stress-reduction needs of students, faculty, and staff by making available a variety of resources. Please visit the new USD Stress-Free-Zone for more information and resources available to the entire campus community.

Feel free to contact the CEE and we would be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, as well as receive the many resources we have, regarding Work/Life balance.

Work/Life Balance: Come. Be. An exploration of Wellness & Balance


Presented by: Ryan Scrimger, Theater Arts & Performance Studies

This session is offered every May - Please inquire for more information

Through specific guided relaxation techniques, you are invited to experience liberation and release within your own body and mind.  Professor Ryan Scrimger, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, has practiced and taught relaxation techniques for many years and brings it into her classroom to help students prepare for high-stress situations and recognize goals and obstacles with greater clarity.  In this participatory workshop, we will use sensory awareness and physical loosening to prompt individual stillness that is filled with inner connection.  Come prepared to explore, receive and release.  Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and be ready to be either (your choice) on the floor (bring a mat if you wish) or at ease in a chair.

Begin quote Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony. – Thomas Merton