Adjunct Access Guidebook

Twenty Top Links for Adjuncts

  • - An account on this portal is essential. This account is the key to your electronic identity and functioning at USD. If you are new to USD, after activation of your USD ID card, go to and click on "Open an Account". Once you complete the online form, you'll have access to the portal within 24-48 hours. When you have access, you will also have access to your USD E-mail and WebCT. The portal itself has a lot of useful information. Click on the Teach/Advise tab for advising information and grading.
  • Ole' Blackboard is available to all full-time and adjunct professors. This is a course management system that enables faculty to easily design, develop and manage web based enhanced courses, allows students to check their grades on-line, chat with the professor and download class materials. It is not difficult to use and can help avoid not only the cost of printing and copying but also the hassle associated with copyrights: USD provides free classes in Blackboard 9.1. We urge faculty to embrace this technology and service in order to support USD’s strategic initiative of sustainability. You can request a course through the portal.
  • Class Rosters and Size Limits - All students in your class should either be on your class list or have a validated official study list with your class number and section listed. Your course “rosters” (lists of students) are available to view on the Do not allow students to attend class until they are officially enrolled. You have control of class enrollment anytime after a class hits its cap. The only way a student can "crash" a class is by obtaining the instructor's signature.
  • Disability Services - Faculty are expected to accommodate students with disabilities. The student should produce for you USD documentation that she or he is disabled and the "accommodation" suggested by the university. If this includes significantly extra time on exams, the proctoring of those exams can be set up through the Office of Disabilities Services (ODS). It is the student's responsibility to get the paperwork to ODS one week before the exam; it is the faculty's responsibility to get the exam to ODS the day before the exam.(x4655, Serra 300).
  • Final Exam Schedule - Final exams must be given at the scheduled time unless the Dean's Office gives permission for a change, which we believe has never happened. No tests may be given in the last week of class (the "dead week"). Minor quizzes are permitted during the dead week, if they are listed on the syllabus and count for less than 10% of the final grade. Make-up exams for an individual are permitted during dead week.
  • Grade Grievances - Most differences of opinion between a student and faculty regarding a grade are settled between the two individuals. This is the best process. In the event that a student believes they have been wronged, there is a Grade Grievance Procedure, which is described in the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Media Matters - Classroom media equipment is maintained by Instructional Media Services, classroom computers are the responsibility of the ITS Help Desk (x7900), media software (DVDs, VHS tapes, etc.) is kept in Copley Library.

           Most classroom media equipment is locked in media carrels or cabinets. Keys may be obtained from the Media Services Circulation Desk, Maher 186, in the north-east corner of Maher basement. Bring your ID and the number of your classroom.

           Media software is located in Copley Library. If you want to make sure a particular DVD, VHS tape, or whatever is available on a certain day, you should put it on reserve for your course in Copley Library. Media is cataloged in SALLY, the library's online catalog. ("SALLY" is the electronic catalog, named after Sr. Sally Furay, USD's first provost.)

  • Missed Classes - Faculty members are expected to meet all classes including examinations. If you have an outside speaker, you should plan to be present as well. If for any reason you need to reschedule or miss a class, please contact your department chair in advance. In case of illness, please call the EA for your department or the department chair as soon as possible. Someone in the department will see that a note is posted on your class door. This will prevent chaos.
  • Student Athletes and the Missed Class Policy - You may have one or more student athletes in your class(es). Athletes are required to disclose to you, at the earliest possible date, their status and they should hand you a form from the Athletic Office detailing their participation in the sport and the travel schedule for that semester. Faculty try to be flexible and accommodating unless the travel requires missing excessive class periods. See your department chair if that is the case with a particular student athlete. 
  • E-mail - Please note that USD requires that all faculty members obtain an ID card. After activation of your USD ID card, you should set up your account by visiting and clicking on "Open an Account". Once you complete the online form, you'll have access to the portal within 24-48 hours. When you have access, you will also have access to your USD E-mail account. You can access this on the page or at For help with this you can contact the ITS Help Desk at Ext. 7900.
  • Bookstore Purchases -You receive a 10% discount on any purchase from the USD Torero Store that exceeds $1 (excluding computer hardware and a few other items). You need to tell the cashier that you are USD faculty to get the discount.
  • Copyright Basics -It is the policy of the University of San Diego to comply with copyright laws. This website link provides an introduction to and general overview of copyright law, particularly as it applies to scholarly and educational activities.
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) You are required to complete FERPA training (online). Basically, you are not allowed to divulge grade or academic performance information to anyone but the student without written permission from that student. You may not leave graded materials outside your office for a student to pick up without first obtaining permission from a student. . If you are asked to write a letter of recommendation or be a reference on a resume, the student should sign a release form. Ask your department chair for the standard waiver form(s). Access to student records, including the academic records database, will be denied until the online tutorial has been completed and the form submitted. There are 20 questions in the tutorial which will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. To begin the tutorial, click below.Begin FERPA Tutorial.
  • Final Grades - Final grades are due 4 working days after the last final exam. On-line submission of final grades for undergraduate and graduate students will be available at This link is also located at the upper right of the USD home page.
  • Incomplete Grades - The policy on incomplete grades is specified in the current Undergraduate Course Catalog. The forms necessary are available in the Deans' Offices of the college and schools. A student who receives a grade of Incomplete must complete all the missing work by the end of the 10th week of the next regular semester; otherwise, the Incomplete grade results in an F.
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit and All Faith Service - These are the two big community masses held each year. You are invited!
  • Mid-Term Grades - Mid-term Grades are due to the registrar from all instructors for all undergraduate courses for all undergraduate students receiving a grade of D+ or lower. USD uses midterm grades to give a head’s up to those students (and their academic advisors) who are earning a D or F in a class. The due date for midterm grades is published in the academic calendar and undergraduate bulletin.  These are typically submitted near the end of October (Fall) or end of March (Spring). A reminder of the due date will be sent to you by the registrar’s office; mid-term and final grades are submitted at the website; submit grades promptly.
  • Office Hours - You are requested to schedule approximately 1.5-2 hours of office hours for every three hours of weekly teaching. Please post your schedule including the office hours on your office door and make sure the executive assistant for your department has a copy of the same.
  • Teacher Evaluations -In the last few weeks of the semester, you will receive a packet of evaluation forms. They are for students to evaluate teachers and are commonly referred to as "student evaluations"although the form actually called "Teacher Evaluation." Please follow the instructions carefully. Evaluations MUST be given in every class, every semester but never during finals week. Evaluations are mandatory for all faculty and may be required mid-semester for adjunct faculty.

Links to Some Official USD Documents

  • Academic Integrity Policy - Please read the Academic Integrity policy. We are obligated to do all we can to prevent cheating and to confront it, if it occurs. You should also be aware that campus fraternities and sororities keep "files" of each instructor's past exams that are placed at the disposal of their members. Bluebooks and Scantron forms can be obtained from the EA of your department for midterm or final exams. Students should not bring their own bluebooks or paper to the exam.
  • USD Policy Manual
  • Graduate Catalog
  • USD Catholic Identity
  • Academic Calendar