Blackboard Organization

We are excited to provide resources for the USD community through our Blackboard Organization! 

Steps to Register for our Blackboard Organization

  1. If you would like to have access, contact us to enroll: (619)260-7402 or (Please provide your USD username.)
  2. Once contacted, we will add you as a member of the organization.

Steps to Access our Blackboard Organization Once Registered

  1. Visit the Blackboard Login
  2. Log into Blackboard with your USD Username and password
  3. Under the My Organizations heading a link to the CEE Organization should be visible.
    BB Orgainzation

Printable PDF Directions on how to enroll to the CEE Blackboard Organization!


You will now have access to

  • Resources by Topic
  • Event Archives
  • Links to Publications and Blogs

Please keep in mind that we continually update and add resources.