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Faculty Travel Immersion Seminars

Each year the Frances G. Harpst Center for Catholic Thought and Culture takes a small group of inter-disciplinary USD Faculty to a place connected in a broad sense with the Catholic intellectual and/or cultural and social traditions. The program is set around a specific theme each year which brings past, present and future discourse into relation. The theme can embrace a wide variety of foci, such as historical, ethical, social, theological, cultural and aesthetic.

Catholic Diplomacy and Peacemaking
in a Time of Endless War

Rome & Assisi - January 11-18th, 2016

"Peace is our Profession." —Strategic Air Command
"There is no way to peace–peace is the way." —A.J. Muste
"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you." —Jesus Christ
"Make me a channel of your peace." —Song of St. Francis

In this seminar we will journey to Rome and Assisi to explore what the Catholic tradition have to say to the world, a world of seemingly endless war, about peacemaking? This seminar will explore the practical and theoretical tools the Catholic Church has used and can use to engage international conflict as well as local conflict.

The Catholic Church has a rich body of teachings on peace, from the practical directives of the just war theory to the pacifism of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement. How can this tradition help inform current discussions?

The seminar is facilitated by experts in the field and involves a pre-seminar program of preparatory academic readings. Each Faculty member selected to participate produces an academic paper upon return, which is presented, on campus in a series of follow-up presentations and additional collegial gatherings and discussions take place to continue the dialogue and strong links formed by the group during their trip.

If selected, participation will be dependent upon prior agreement to attend preliminary information and preparation sessions and also to attend post-seminar follow-up sessions, including the production and presentation of a formal paper as a result of the seminar.

Apply Here! Applications are open to all full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty,* and full-time visiting faculty with multi-year appointments will also be considered, space permitting and will be accepted on or before May 15, 2015. Successful applicants will be informed by June 1st.

Past Seminars

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The experience of sharing the [Faculty Travel Immersion Seminar] with my USD colleagues was a highlight. This trip created fellowship amongst a very diverse group of individuals and I will always be grateful for that. Evelyn Diaz Cruz, participant in the 2010 travel seminar

Join us in Rome & Assisi - January 11-18, 2016


Saint Peter's Square, or Piazza San Pietro, is located directly in front of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City.