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Restorative Justice Workshop

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Educational Excellence

Friday, April 19, 2013


Salomon Hall

Coffee will be provided.

Restorative justice is an ancient concept found in multiple differing cultures. It involves sustained attempts to rebuild communities, relationships and trusts in situations where there have been serious wrongs that have blighted the lives of individuals and communities. It seeks to focus on repairing the harm and damage done and literally restoring harmony and justice to the affected people and community.
In recent decades it has increasingly been applied in situations of severe conflict and injustice such as post-apartheid South Africa, Northern Ireland, Guatemala, El Salvador and the Balkan nations. It has also been applied to communities in the United States blighted by crime.
But, increasingly, the notion of restorative justice is also being seen as an essential component of renewal and reform in organizations and institutions seeking to manage change positively and to build a brighter future for all involved. Therefore, restorative justice is today being applied in workplace environments, in corporations, in faith-based communities and in universities and schools.
Justine Darling, MA has been involved in multiple projects that seek to bring the value and life-giving principles of restorative justice to differing communities and organizations. Join us for this workshop where she will introduce and explain the concept and processes that restorative justice involves and will help members of USD and the local community identify how restorative justice can play a major part in building a brighter future for their collective lives. Participants will learn hands-on skills they can use in their work to create more productive and inspiring meetings, build stronger relationships, have a voice, and address conflict in a sustainable way.

Justine DarlingJustine Darling, MA

Justine Darling earned a BA in psychology from USD and completed the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies 17-month master’s program in peace and justice studies. Both academic pursuits, as well as a one-year stint in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps after her undergraduate graduation, have helped shape her current passion as USD’s Restorative Justice Coordinator.