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Book Launch: Emily Reimer-Barry

Thursday,May 14, 2015 at 4:00pm- Salomon Hall

Join us in celebrating Emily Reimer Barry's book; Catholic Theology of Marriage in the Era of HIV and AIDS: Marriage for Life which argues that women living with HIV have much to contribute to the church’s ongoing reflection on Christian discipleship and marriage. Drawing on qualitative research and recent scholarship in theological ethics, Emily Reimer-Barry develops a renewed theology of marriage that is life-affirming for couples. This work describes how church teachings can develop in response to the challenges faced by married couples today and explains how parish communities can better respond to the needs of the most vulnerable in our midst.

Emily Reimer-Barry, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Diego, where she teaches courses in Catholic Theology and Christian Ethics.

Cookies and Coffee will be available for your enjoyment. 

Click here for a PDF event flyer.


Medieval-Renaissance Studies Annual Lecture: "Who Were the Cathars?" by R.I. Moore, PhD

Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 4:00pm- Warren Auditorium in Mother Rosalie Hill Hall

The Medieval-Renaissance Studies Program presents its annual lecture with R.I. Moore, PhD, "Who Were the Cathars?". A reception in the lobby will follow the lecture.

The Cathars of the Languedoc (southern France) are famous today as victims of the Albigensian crusade and the early inquisition -- except that nobody in the middle ages called them Cathars, and scholars now question the very existence of any such sect or heresy.  But there is no doubt that the burnings and the massacres were real.  In this lecture R. I. Moore, Professor Emeritus of History at Newcastle University and author of The War on Heresy, will consider afresh who the victims were, and why they were so cruelly persecuted.

All are welcome to attend!

For more information, please contact either Dr. Thomas Barton, or (619) 260-4042, or Dr. Maura Giles-Watson, or (619) 260-4286.

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, Medieval-Renaissance Studies Program, and Frances G. Harpst Center for Catholic Thought and Culture.