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2010-2011 Expenses for Undergraduate Students

All students are expected to become familiar with the financial obligations they incur by registering at the university. The following information provides the essential data; if in doubt, however, go to your MySanDiego portal or make inquiries at the One Stop Services Center, Hahn University Center Room 126, prior to the registration/fee payment date.

The application fee is payable when application is made for admission. It must be paid by all students. (The application fee may be waived where there is evidence of exceptional financial need.)

  Application Fee $55

Tuition 2010 - 2011

  1-11.5 units, per unit $1,275
  12-18 units, per semester $18,475
  Over 18 units,
per additional unit
Auditing is one-half the regular unit tuition charge.

Note: Tuition for 2011 - 2012 has not been determined. It is expected to increase.

Other Fees:
Associated Students

  12-18 units, per semester $90
  7-11.5 units, per semester $34
  3-6.5 units, per semester $9
(The AS Fee is optional for students enrolling for fewer than three units.)
Student Health Services Fee, per year $94
Student Life Pavilion Fee, per semester
  Full-time $70
  Part-time $35
Vista Fees (per semester) $4
Transcripts (each) $5

Deposit 2010 - 2011

Advance tuition deposit for new commuter students
Advance tuition and room deposit for new resident students (non-refundable) $500
Advance room pre-payment for returning resident students
(During the spring semester, returning students are able to contract for their upcoming academic year housing. Please contact the Office of Residential Life for additional information concerning application/payment deadlines and refund policies.)
Damage/cleaning deposit for resident students (due at registration) $100

Special Fees 2010 - 2011

Credit by Examination: One-half the regular per unit tuition charge

Competency Exam Fee $25
ID Replacement Fee $18
Returned Check Charge $25
Please refer to Student Accounts website for information on late charges and fees.

Parking Fees

  Commuter Permit $255
  Motorcycle Permit $45
  Residence Permit $280

Note: The parking fees for 2011 - 2012 have not been determined. They are expected to increase.
Note: Transcripts and diploma will not be released to students who have an outstanding balance owing to the university.

Room and Meal Plans 2010-2011

There are several different plans available. Room and meal plans may vary between approximately $4,800 and $6,000 per semester depending upon type of accommodations and/or meal plan.

Residents must be currently enrolled full-time students at USD (and making normal progress toward completion of a degree) during the period of occupancy. All unmarried freshman students under 21 years of age not commuting from the home of their parent(s) or legal guardian must live in university housing. Exceptions to these policies will be considered by the Director of Housing, but must be requested by letter and approved prior to the start of the semester (that is, prior to checking into the residence hall or to making permanent plans to live off-campus).

Note: Room and meal plan rates for 2010-2011 have not been determined. They are expected to increase.


Tuition Refund Policy

  1. Fees and deposits are non-refundable.
  2. Tuition is fully or partially refundable only when a student withdraws officially during the published refund withdrawal schedule (see academic calendar, An Official Withdrawal Form must be obtained from the Center for Student Success. Informing a course instructor or academic department does not constitute withdrawal from the course or the University.

Refund Schedule

Fees and deposits are non-refundable, except as expressly stated. Tuition is fully or partially refundable only when students officially withdraw by completing and submitting withdrawal forms to the Center for Student Success.

To receive a 100% refund, student must withdraw or drop course(s) by the 8th day of classes for the regular academic semester.

Please refer to the academic calendar through the MySanDiego portal for specific dates and future changes to the “Refund Schedule.” Updates to the “Refund Schedule” will be made prior to the first day of semester classes and without written notice. Go to Academic Calendar.

A student receiving financial aid should consult the One Stop Student Center for refund policies regarding his or her financial aid funds.

Please note that all refund checks will be issued in the student’s name, regardless of who remitted payment (unless the funds were received via Parent/PLUS loan).

Any student who feels that his or her individual case warrants an exception to the Tuition Refund Policy should consult the dean of the appropriate school/college.

Note: The tuition refund policy for Intersession and Summer Sessions is published in the appropriate bulletins. For calendaring reasons, it differs from the above. For details please contact the One Stop Student Center, Hahn University Center, Room 126, (619) 260-2700.

Room and Meal Plan Refund Policy

The room prepayment becomes immediately non-refundable upon submission for all residents regardless of the reason for cancellation.

Cancellations become effective as of the date written notification is received by the Office of Residential Life or the U.S. Post Office postmark date.

Residents who cancel after July 31 shall forfeit the full room prepayment plus be subject to additional pro-rated fees. Details of these fees are available in the housing and dining services terms and conditions.

For the first eight weeks of the contract period for occupancy each semester, the university will adhere to a daily pro-rated schedule of housing fees for contracted residents (whether or not they have checked into a room) who are officially withdrawing from the university during either academic term regardless of reason. No refunds will be made to residents who withdraw after the first eight weeks of a semester. In addition to the pro-rated charges noted, all residents officially withdrawing from the university subsequent to the first day of the contract period for occupancy shall forfeit an amount equal to the room prepayment (plus the late cancellation fees noted in the housing and dining services terms and conditions). The effective date for any housing and dining service refund will be the latest date of either semester when the following requirements are completed: the resident officially submits a withdrawal notice, removes all personal belongings, checks out of his/her room, has the ONITY room access privileges deleted from his/her ID card, and surrenders his/her meal plan.

The refund policy for Intersession and summer sessions is published in the appropriate bulletin.

At the end of the academic year, the damage/cleaning deposit may be refunded in full if no damage/cleaning charges have been charged against it, or in part according to the amount of damage/cleaning charged; it will be carried over to the next year if the student will return to the residence hall the following September. A student who feels that his or her individual case warrants an exception to this policy should contact the Director of Housing.

Registration / Fee Payment Policy

Class registration is not officially completed until all tuition, room, meal plan charges, and fees are paid, except for those students who have formally enrolled in the university’s monthly installment plan described below. Please note that students who have not paid their account in full (or are not current with installment plan payments) on or before the published payment deadline will be subject to the assessment of late charges, cancellation of course enrollment and housing assignment, and the application of holds preventing transcript release and registration privileges. In addition, delinquent student accounts may be referred to an external agency for collection proceedings. Please be advised that the student is solely responsible for any/all collection and legal costs assessed if the services of a collection agency are employed by USD during collection of a debt. Reserved classes and current registration may be canceled by the university if the student does not complete fee payment by the assigned fee payment dates in August and January for the respective fall and spring semesters. (See the academic calendar, page 6 for specific dates.) A late registration fee is charged to all students who do not complete fee payment by the deadline in the academic calendar. Students who have an unpaid account may not register for subsequent semesters; receive grades or transcripts of academic credit, or their diplomas. Accounts paid with a check that is returned by the bank and remains uncollected are not considered paid. Courses added after the published payment deadline must be paid in full at the time of registration.

There is a $25 service charge for returned checks. A late charge, if applicable, may be assessed to the student account if a check is returned. This fee is in addition to the $25 service charge. Any benefit derived from, or deadline met by, remitting a check which is later returned by the bank, will become void. If a returned check transaction has been posted to a student account, USD reserves the right to refuse future payment in the form of a personal check from any individual for that student’s USD account.

Note: To students on the monthly installment plan: Installment payments must be current throughout the contract life; if not current, the university reserves the right to cancel current and future class reservations and room and meal plan arrangements. If scheduled installment payments are not current by the assigned registration/fee payment days, a late registration fee must be paid.

Registration / Fee Payment Procedure

To complete the official registration process, the following steps are required by the student:

  1. Dates, times, and location of class reservation are announced in advance on the USD website each semester.
  2. Students may choose to complete the fee payment portion of registration conveniently by paying their student account online on the One Stop Services tab of the MySanDiego portal ( Students may also pay the required tuition, fees, room and meal plan at the One Stop Student Center, Hahn University Center, Room 126. Students enrolled in the university’s monthly installment plan should remit their payment online on or before the first of the month.
  3. If the student plans to use estimated Financial Aid (including Federal, State and/or USD loans, grants and scholarships to cover his/her balance), the student must defer payment online. Deferring payment is a way for the student to let us know that financial aid has been awarded but it has not posted to his/her student account. There is no fee for properly deferring a student’s account balance; however, failure to do so will subject the student to a late registration fee. To complete this process, logon to the MySanDiego portal, click on the ‘One Stop Services’ tab, locate the ‘My Payment Deferment Status’ channel and follow the instructions.

Note: Please read the Intersession and Summer Sessions’ bulletins for specific information regarding the registration/fee payment procedure for those academic periods.

Payment Plans

Monthly Installment Plan

The Monthly Installment Plan allows for payment in five (per semester) installments covering actual expenses per semester. The five-payment per semester installment plan has a $50 non-refundable administrative charge each semester which is payable when signing up for the plan.

To establish a payment plan or monthly installment contract: Log into the MySanDiego portal and click on the One Stop Services tab. Under the Student Account channel, click on ‘My Online Student Account’. If you are eligible, you will see the installment plan option under the installment payment plans channel. In order to effectively initiate an installment plan contract, you must pay the exact amount indicated in the installment amount due line.

The Monthly Installment Plan operates according to the following guidelines:

  1. The student account balance with the university must not be delinquent and prior semester charges must have been paid on a current basis to be considered for the Installment Contract.
  2. Payments begin on August 1 for the fall semester plan and on January 1 for the spring semester plan.
  3. To enroll in the monthly installment plan, login to the MySanDiego portal and click on the One Stop Services tab. Adjustments are made to monthly installment plan payments as charges and/or credits occur.
  4. In the event of a contract default, USD may refuse the student or contract buyer a subsequent installment contract.
  5. All payments, which are due on the first of the month throughout the contract life, must be current. If a student’s installment plan is not kept current, the university reserves the right to cancel the student’s current and future class reservations and room and meal plan arrangements. If installment payments are not current at the time of fall and/or spring semester fee payment/registration deadlines, a late registration fee must be paid.
  6. A $50 processing fee is required upon execution of the monthly installment plan per semester.
  7. Tuition, and room and meal plan payments received are refundable in accordance with the university’s published refund policy.
  8. Installment payments are not available for study abroad programs.

Additional information on payment plans is available from the One Stop Services Center, located in Hahn University Center, room 126 or by phone at (619) 260-2700.