Writing Program

The Writing Program at the University of San Diego recognizes that writing is vital to a broad- based, liberal arts education. Our goal is to welcome all members of the University into an on-going conversation about writing in the disciplines and across communities. We house the USD Writing Center and support writing courses offered across the University through workshops and consultations with faculty who are revising writing assignments, re-thinking learning outcomes, and developing the role writing plays in their courses.

First-Year Writing Workshops

This workshop is tailored to meet the needs of ENG 121 faculty who want to revise their existing literature-based composition syllabi to fit the new First Year Writing learning outcomes, but faculty who are interested in teaching First Year Writing in future semesters are welcome to come learn about this course.

With the new Core in Fall 2017, we will be offering First Year Writing in place of the current ENGL 121, Composition and Literature. The FYW learning outcomes acknowledge that ideas, evidence, research methods, organization, and style vary depending on writing context, and that it is important to teach this by developing students’ discursive awareness. The first part of this workshop will focus on the new FYW learning outcomes, the FYW syllabus approval process, and the role the new Writing Program plays in First Year Writing. Next, faculty will spend time sharing our differing approaches to first year writing courses, assignments, lesson plans, and strategies for developing students’ discursive awareness.  Attendees should bring at least one freshman-level writing assignment, activity, or teaching strategy that they would like to share, get feedback on, and revise to fit the new FYW course. Depending on time and interest, discussion topics might include: process writing activities, teaching research-based writing, teaching rhetorical/discourse analysis, using reflective writing, or integrating multiple genres or discourses into the course.

Advanced Writing Workshops

This workshop is for faculty who are interested in developing Advanced Writing syllabi for the new Core Curriculum, as well as faculty who have already created and submitted Advanced Writing syllabi to the Writing ATF. During the first part of this workshop, faculty will learn about the Advanced Writing learning outcomes, the role the new Writing Program plays in Advanced Writing, the relationship between First Year Writing and Advanced Writing, and the Advanced Writing syllabus approval process. Next, the workshop will focus on practical approaches to teaching writing process and developing students’ awareness of the discourses, styles, and genres particular to a discipline. To participate in this second part of the workshop, faculty members should bring a draft of their Advanced Writing syllabus and/or a writing assignment that they may want to assign in their course.