Program Goals with aligned Program Learning Outcomes

Since 1998, the Department of Theology and Religious Studies has had in place goal statements and assessment strategies for both our major and our Core courses.

The major in Theology and Religious Studies is designed to achieve the following goals and aligned learning outcomes:

Goal 1

Students will learn the basic terms and definitions of theology and religious studies and be able to explain, analyze, and evaluate fundamental issues that frame theological and religious inquiry.

Program Learning Outcome 1

Students will demonstrate a mastery of the categories, technical vocabulary (e.g., terms, definition, concepts, distinctions), well known exempla, historical data, etc. essential to the relevant subject matter by using these accurately and with both depth and nuance.

Goal 2

Students will gain an understanding of methodologies and research techniques standard in theology and religious studies.

Program Learning Outcome 2

Students will be able to articulate fundamental issues that frame the academic study of religion by constructing well-formed arguments to describe, analyze or explain religious phenomena including texts.

Goal 3

Students will acquire effective communication skills in theology and religious studies.

Program Learning Outcome 3

Students will be able to communicate effectively in writing that is clear, coherent, well-developed and expressive of complex thought.