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Theology and Religious Studies

Transferring Credit for Theology and Religious Studies Courses

Students wishing to transfer credit for courses in theology, biblical studies, or religious studies from other institutions are asked to adhere to the following procedures:

  1. The most important advice for transferring credit is to get approval before you take your course. This will avoid possible disappointment and waste of time and money.
  2. All students wishing to transfer in THRS credit should please read the department's Transfer of Credit Policy. Note that, per this policy, a transfer course is much more likely to be approved if there is a "reasonable parallel" to a course in the current THRS course list.
  3. Note that USD does not accept transfer credit for online courses. This is not a THRS rule; it is a university policy.
  4. Students wanting to transfer credit from ANY INTERNATIONAL OR STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM, whether affiliated or non-affiliated, should please NOT contact THRS about the course.  Rather they should meet with an International Studies Abroad advisor in Serra 315.
  5. To arrange transfer credit from a course you plan to take at a college or university in the United States, login to your MySanDiego account. Under the Torero Hub Tab, click on My Academics.
  6. Note that USD has articulation agreements with a number of community colleges in Southern California under which listed courses are approved more or less automatically.  But even for these courses, you need to submit a petition for transfer of credit.
  7. For Grossmont or Cuyamaca colleges in San Diego, note that their RELIG 120 (World Religions) and 130 (Scriptures of World Rel.), are treated as equivalent to USD's THRS 112. You cannot therefore transfer to USD credit for more than one among them. If you already have credit for THRS 112, don't consider taking one of these courses.
  8. Make sure you have your advisor's signature on your transfer of credit petition before bringing it to us.
  9. If you are a junior or senior, keep in mind USD's residence requirement, which stipulates that you must take your final 30 units at USD, unless you have a waiver from your dean.

Sincere thanks for following these procedures, which will make things easier for all concerned!