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Theology and Religious Studies

Why Study Religion?

Good question! Is the study of religion your ticket to fame and fortune? Perhaps, but don't count on it. There are many other valid reasons, however, for taking up this challenge. The following links will give you some pointers:

Why Study Religion? (American Academy of Religion)

Where can I go with it? (American Academy of Religion)

Religious Studies Revival (Newsweek)
In trying times, a once esoteric major has become increasingly vital.

Liberal Arts: The Economy Requires Them (Inside Higher Education)
Today, breadth, cultural knowledge and sensitivity, flexibility, the ability to continually learn, grow and reinvent, technical skills, as well as drive and passion, define the road to success.

Religious Studies: What can I do with this degree? (Career Services)

See also our alumae/i pages to get an idea of possibilities.