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Department of

Theology and Religious Studies

The Major in Theology and Religious Studies

Majors must complete a total of 36 units, including the following courses:

Lower-Division Requirements (6 units)

  • Two courses (6 units) chosen from among the following: THRS 110-203.

Majors are encouraged to choose these two lower-division courses in consultation with their advisors and with careful attention to the various prerequisites specified for upper-division courses. Note: A third lower-division course may be included in the major as an elective (see below).

Upper-Division Requirements (12 units)

  • THRS 301 Religion Café: Majors' Seminar (3 units)
  • One course (3 units) in Bible or in Christianity chosen from among the following: THRS 330-362, 364, 367-369, or 381-388.
  • One course (3 units) in a religious tradition other than Christianity chosen from among the following: THRS 312-321.
  • One course (3 units) of the following two must be taken in the final spring semester: THRS 450W Themes in Theological Studies or THRS 451W Themes in Religious Studies. Note: Majors are encouraged to enroll multiple times in 450W and/or 451W before the required course in the final spring semester.

Elective Credit (18 units)

  • Students must complete 18 other units (6 courses) of elective credit, 3 units of which may be chosen from among the lower-division courses.

See the Course Descriptions page for details on the above courses.

Majors may concentrate in specific areas of study through careful distribution of their elective units, including but not limited to biblical studies, religious studies, systematic theology, and theological ethics. It is important to select an advisor specialized in one’s area of interest.

Declaration/Change of Major Form

The department welcomes new majors.  Please fill out this form and take to the THRS chair for the chair's signature.  The THRS chair will give you some initial advising and help you pick a major advisor.  There is an additional THRS Major Information Form that the chair will ask you to fill out.