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Department of

Theology and Religious Studies

Emily Reimer-Barry

Assistant Professor, Theology and Religious Studies

Emily Reimer-Barry, Ph.D, has been a member of the Theology and Religious Studies faculty since 2008. She teaches undergraduate courses in Catholic theology, Christian ethics, sexual ethics, and ethical responses to HIV/AIDS. Her research interests include women’s experiences of HIV/AIDS, cross-cultural analysis of gender roles and marriage traditions, ethnography and ethical methodology, and the intersection of public health and Catholic social teachings.


Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago
M.T.S., Weston Jesuit School of Theology
B.A., University of Notre Dame

Scholarly and Creative Work

Reimer-Barry’s research focuses on HIV prevention and Catholic social/sexual teachings. Her essay, “Church Communities and HIV-Affected Persons: Toward Abundant Life,” was published in Calling for Justice Throughout the World: Catholic Women Theologians Considering the Moral Ramifications of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic (New York: Continuum, 2008). Her recent article, “HIV Prevention for Incarcerated Populations” appears in the Spring/Summer 2011 volume of the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics. In the summer of 2009 Reimer-Barry spent a month in Kenya where she had the opportunity to examine international health care disparities in a collaborative research project with scholars from Kenya and the USA. A book project focusing on their research and the challenges of postcolonial cross-cultural scholarship is underway. Reimer-Barry is a member of the American Academy of Religion, the Catholic Theological Society of America, and the Society of Christian Ethics.

Teaching Interests

Reimer-Barry teaches undergraduate courses in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, including one lower division course (Introduction to Catholic Theology) and three upper division courses (Foundations of Christian Ethics, Christian Ethics and HIV/AIDS, and Sexual Ethics in the Catholic Tradition). In all of her courses Reimer-Barry introduces students to the methodology of Catholic theology and Christian ethics. In doing so, she exposes students to the rich, complex traditions of Christian theology and ethics. She also aims to help students develop skills in reading analysis, critical thinking, effective writing, and verbal communication. Reimer-Barry encourages students in her Christian Ethics and HIV/AIDS course to engage in community service learning by volunteering at a local AIDS-outreach organization during the semester and reflecting on their experiences in light of the course readings and discussions.