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Department of

Theology and Religious Studies

Our Alumnae and Alumni

The study of religion prepares students for any number of careers that involve critical thinking, research, writing skills, sensitivity to diversity, and moral decision-making. Our majors have gone on to graduate study and careers in such diverse fields as law, medicine, teaching, and business. They have taken up jobs in non-profit organizations and other forms of public service. Some have become high school teachers, others have entered into various forms of Christian ministry. Immediately after leaving USD, a number have gone into such service programs as the Peace Corps, Teach for America, and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

Of course, we are especially proud that a significant proportion of our students go on to graduate study in theology or religious studies, in some cases with full scholarships, at some of the best programs in the world: Claremont Graduate School, Boston College, Boston University, Duke, Harvard, The Catholic University of America, the Catholic University of Leuven, Notre Dame, the University of Toronto, Vanderbilt, and others. After graduate school, they have taken up careers in teaching and research at such institutions as the Catholic Theological Union, Creighton University, Santa Clara University, St. Norbert College, and Oregon State University.

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