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Department of

Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

Learning Outcomes

USD Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Program Goals and Learning Outcomes


Program Goals:

1. Students will increase their understanding and awareness of the multidisciplinary applications of the Theatre Arts and Performance Studies within domestic and international contexts.

2. Students will demonstrate the ability to synthesize theory (knowledge) and praxis (skills) in their work as scholar-practitioners.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will develop both a conceptual understanding and the application of skills related to the theatre discipline in Performance, Scenography, Theatre Production and Performance Studies.

2. Students will show an increase in creative thinking skills from the collaborative experience and theoretical examination of theatre practice.

3. Students will show an increase in organizational competence through their work in the theatre discipline.

4. Students will demonstrate an ability to compare and contrast different cultures, points of view, and social systems through the analysis of historical and contemporary approaches to theatre and performance.

5. Students will be able to analyze and scrutinize global issues or moral dilemmas encountered in the field of theatre and performance studies.