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Department of

Theatre Arts and Performance Studies


Required for ALL MAJORS and MINORS

Prepare - 3 minutes:

  • Two (2) contrasting monologues
  • 16-bar musical theatre song (optional, add an extra minute to time)

Bring with you resume & headshot (for all performance majors)


  • Friday, May 10th 6-10 pm
  • Saturday, May 11th 12-5 pm

As part of your course requirements you must participate in the general auditions held in the spring semester each year.

This is required for all theatre students; technical theatre majors and minors, and performance majors and minors.

Next year’s shows will have independent callbacks, on May 12th and 13th, which will be scheduled and posted in May.


  • While you may know most or all people in the room, conduct yourself as if you do not and be sure to introduce yourself.

  • The preparations that take place outside of the audition hall are just as important as what takes place within. Auditions are inevitably stressful so you need to work on effective tension relief strategies, such as how to allow yourself to breathe during and through the work.

  • Find a fixed place to focus the gaze. It is best not to look directly at the auditors as it does make some nervous/uncomfortable and prevents them from writing detailed notes.

  • Make sure to give yourself plenty of space between the auditors and yourself. You want the auditors to see all of your work (such as what you are doing with movement) and you also want to demonstrate how you can project.

  • When ending a piece and transitioning to the next, it is important not to say “scene.” There are plenty of other techniques that use a combination of vocal/physical shifts.


These auditions are open to all students, faculty, staff, and community who are interested in being cast in next year’s shows.

ANY QUESTIONS can be directed to your Theatre faculty.