Work Out Room Request

Here's the information you need to request theatre space.


Shiley Theatre

Requests for Shiley Theatre are made through Campus Scheduling only, not Theatre.

Studio Theatre/Dance Studio

Requests for Studio Theatre and the Dance Studio are through the MFA program at

Before you submit a request, you must check room availability on our online reservation calendar. If the time you request is already booked, your request will not be processed.

Once you determine the space (C125 or C131) and time are open, then send an email request to

Requests will be only be honored when exact room, date, time and full name are supplied. Your request MUST include the following information in the following order:

Your Name
Mobile phone number
Email address
Your instructor's name

FIRST CHOICE must include:
Room number
Time Start
Time End

Room number
Time Start
Time End

If you have more than one date/time, just list them along with the required information. Please allow 24-48 hours to confirm your request.

Requests will receive a response between Monday and Thursday, when the office is open, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.. Until you have received an email confirming your request from Theatre, you are not authorized to use a work out room.

*This workout room request is only for Theatre Arts and Performance Studies student use.