Student Lab Guidelines

  • Productions may be no longer than 90 minutes long.
  • TAPS Department provides the following for all Student Lab projects:
    • Venue for all auditions, rehearsals and presentations.
    • Lighting equipment currently in Camino Hall, Room 131
    • Sound equipment in Camino Hall, Room 131
    • All rehearsal furniture currently in Camino Hall, Room 131
    • Photo copying, with limitations and approval through Lori Fiori
    • Promotional support for Student Lab Production
    • Students are responsible for securing costumes, props, furniture and content sound needs for the presentations. Directors do not have access to departmental costume stock for Student Lab.
    • Full Artistic support and feedback from all departmental faculty
  • Student Lab projects are required to use the "Rep lighting Plot" in designated performance venue.
  • Request for alterations or additions to the light or sound plot must be made in writing and submitted to and for final approval by Nate Parde
  • If you are interested in directing Student Lab, please fill out the proposal below and submit it along with copy of script, concept, and any additional material to the Theatre Department
  • All proposals are reviewed by a committee made up of faculty members and the department chair
  • Performances are free based on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are not sold for student lab productions
  • Student Lab is just that, a laboratory process for students to learn and develop their craft. The process and how it serves the training and program is being assessed and revised yearly.

Student Lab Proposal (DOC)