Career Development for College of Arts and Sciences Students

The Compass program is a collaborative career-readiness program that was developed by the College of Arts and Sciences and will be managed by the Career Development Center


The program is developed to support the intentional curriculum students learn in the classroom and assist students in articulating the value of their education. The goal of the program is to assist students in exploring their passions, educating students on opportunities and professionalism, and connecting students with networks that lead to meaningful post-graduation plans.

Compass Requirements

Students must complete the 2 mandatory components and 4 flexible components. The flexible components include 1 activity from Explore, 1 from Educate, 1 from Connect, and 1 from Experience. To complete the Compass Program a student must complete all 6 components.

Mandatory Requirements

  1. Attend an orientation for the Compass Program when a student declares their major 
  2. Complete the online USD Senior Exit Survey (located on the “Senior” tab of MySanDiego portal

Flexible Requirements

Complete one activity from each of the four areas listed below. Please note that the list is just samples and that all events that are approved for Compass points will have the Compass logo. The activities do not have to be completed in any specific order.


  • Attend the Majors & Minor Fair
  • Attend a “Careers In…” session
  • Conduct an Informational Interview
  • Attend the Sophomore Half Time Retreat
  • Take a self-assessment such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Strong Interest Inventory and go over the results with a Career Counselor


  • Attend a resume workshop
  • Attend an interviewing workshop
  • Attend Prepare for the Fair
  • Attend an internship and job search strategy workshop
  • Attend a Graduate School workshop
  • Attend a salary negotiation workshop


  • Attend the Torero Talent Job and Internship Fair
  • Attend the Graduate School Fair
  • Attend the Adventures in Service Fair
  • Participate on a Torero Trek
  • Attend a Career Industry Panel
  • Attend an employer information session or networking event
  • Attend a professional conference


  • Internship
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Career Related Community Service
  • Independent Study
  • Clinical Experience

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