Career Development for College of Arts and Sciences Students

The Compass program is a collaborative career-readiness program that was developed by the College of Arts and Sciences and will be managed by the Career Development Center


The program is developed to build on the curriculum students learn in the classroom and assist students in applying their education to career outcomes. The goal of the program is to assist students in exploring their passions, educating students about opportunities and professionalism, and connecting students with networks that lead to meaningful post-graduation plans.

Compass Requirements

The compass program requires 12 points (3 core points + 9 flexible points). 

CORE: Orientation

After declaring a major in the College, students must attend a Compass Orientation session. A hold will be placed on your account until this Core point has been earned.

CORE: Networking

Students must attend at least one event that allows them to identify and utilize their community or network to refine and accomplish their post graduation goals.

CORE: Senior Survey

Before graduation, students will fill out USD's senior survey. 

FLEXIBLE: Events and Programs

Compass allows students to choose events and programs that fit their career preparation needs. Compass Events must be pre-approved by the Career Development Center using the Event Approval Form.

Point Scale:

  • 1 PT: Information sessions, student organization and department events or speakers

  • 2 PTS: Career fairs, retreats, workshop-based events

  • 3 PTS: Torero Trek or other all day career focused events

FLEXIBLE: Experiential Education

Students will gaining hands on experience through an internship, research, or career-related volunteering. 

Point Scale:

  • 1 PT: 40 hours
  • 2 PTS: 80 hours
  • 3 PTS: 120 hours 

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