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Faculty Highlights
Jan - June 2011

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Grants and Awards

Lisa Baird, PhD

Lisa Baird, PhD, Biology, has received a $250,000 award from The Fletcher Jones Foundation. The foundation has continued its science/technology funding tradition at USD by making possible the purchase of a scanning electron microscope for interdisciplinary use in the science labs. The funding allows USD to purchase up-to-date digital instrumentation to replace outdated equipment. The foundation provided a million dollars worth of technology for the Science Center earlier in the decade and has been a benefactor of USD for many years.

Robert Barry Fleming, MFA

Robert Barry Fleming, MFA, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, recently received two San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Award nominations for Outstanding Achievement for Direction of a Musical and Choreography. Both honors were for Center REP's production of the classic musical "She Loves Me." The Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company's production of Lydia Diamond's "Stick Fly" directed by Professor Fleming is currently running at the 10th Avenue Theatre through March 20th. Professor Fleming provided vocal and dialect coaching for The Old Globe's critically-acclaimed and recently closed "Emma" and the Pulitzer-Prize winner, "Ruined" which recently opened at Berkeley Rep.

USD College of Arts and Sciences

The W. M. Keck Foundation awarded $250,000 to the University of San Diego to establish an office of undergraduate research known as U-RISE (Undergraduate Research-Inspired Student Engagement). The office will coordinate undergraduate research across disciplines and across campus. Funding will allow USD to hire a director experienced in the field to centralize activities, share best practices, cultivate external funders, promote undergraduate research among faculty and students, and track progress. The program will raise the visibility of undergraduate research across disciplines, and acknowledge its importance in student education.

Marie Simovich, PhD

The Lilburn Corporation has awarded Marie Simovich, PhD, Biology, a $6,700 contract for her "Dale Dry Lake Crustacean Survey" taking place in Twenty-Nine Palms, California over this year. The Lilburn Corporation is an environmental planning consulting firm specializing in permitting complex and controversial land use projects. Phase I of Dr. Simovich's work will include the collection of holding water and shrimp species identification; Phase II, if needed, would involve soil sampling and the genetic identification of cysts.

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Can Bilsel, PhD

Can Bilsel, PhD, Art, Architecture + Art History, had his research on architecture museums published in a new edited book: Architecture in the Museum: Theodor Wiegand and the Reproduction of Antiquity in Berlin's Pergamon Museum in Bernd Nicolai ed., and in Modernity and Early Cultures: Reconsidering Non-Western References For Modern Architecture in a Cross-cultural Perspective. Bern: Peter Lang Verlag (Neue Berner Schriften zur Kunst), January 2011: 19-51.

Eric Jiang, PhD

Eric Jiang, Ph.D., Mathematics and Computer Science, recently published a book chapter entitled "Content-Based Spam Email Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithms" in the book Text Mining: Applications and Theory, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2010.

Veronica Galvan, PhD

Veronica Galvan, PhD, Psychology, collaborated with Ming Huang, PhD, Engineering, and James Kohl, PhD, Engineering, and on a curriculum experimentation study and published an article, "Use of Course Clustering Strategy to Enhance Relational Learning: A Case Study of Curriculum Experimentation," in the International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education (2010), 38(1):45-55.

Susannah Stern, PhD

Susannah Stern, PhD, Communication Studies, co-authored an article with Soontae An, University of Kansas, entitled "Mitigating the Effects of Advergames on Children: Do Advertising Breaks Work?" in the spring issue of The Journal of Advertising. Dr. Stern also presented her most recent research on "Representations and Self-Representations of Teens in the Media" at the Media & Family conference in Provo, Utah in March 2011.

Christopher Adler, PhD

Christopher Adler, PhD, Music, performed a solo recital entitled, New Musical Geographies, of contemporary and traditional music for solo Lao/Northeast Thai mouth organ (khaen). He performed at USD on March 1 and at Palomar College on March 3, and will be touring nationally with the recital in the upcoming months.

Rodney G. Peffer, PhD

Rodney G. Peffer, PhD, Philosophy, published "Hiroshima, the American Empire, and the U.S. War in Iraq," in Philosophy After Hiroshima (Edward Demenchonok, ed.), Cambridge University Press, 2010, and he published "Six Suggested Modifications of David Schweickart's Institutional Framework for Economic Democracy," Proceedings of the Society for the Philosophical Study of Marxism, 2010. In addition, Dr. Peffer was selected as a contributor to A Rawls Lexicon, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, 2012. He will be lecturing in the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand in June 2011, and he will be a visiting professor, teaching political philosophy, at Renmin University in Beijing in July 2011.

Tom Reifer, PhD

Tom Reifer, PhD, Sociology, published the following: "Torture, War & Presidential Power: Thoughts on the Current Constitutional Crisis," a shortened revised chapter in The United States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration, and Abuse; published January 2011 by New York University Press, pp. 311-322; "Secrecy, Truth & the Struggle for Peace & Justice: Notes on the WikiLeaks Revelations," Transnational Institute News, December 8, 2010; "Beyond Divide & Rule? From the Washington to the Beijing Consensus," in Geopolitics and Trajectories of Development, 2010, pp. 1-52.

Karma Lekshe Tsomo, PhD

Karma Lekshe Tsomo, PhD, Theology and Religious Studies, published an article titled "Lao Buddhist Women: Quietly Negotiating Religious Authority" in the Buddhist Studies Review and a review of Lori R. Meeks' Hokkeji and the Reemergence of Female Monastic Orders in Premodern Japan in the Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient / Journal d'Histoire Economique et Sociale de l'Orient. A chapter on "Peace in Vajrayana" was published in the International Handbook of the Cultures of Peace and a chapter titled "Awakenings: Educating Himalayan Buddhist Nuns" appeared in Bhikkhuni Education in Contemporary Society.

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Presentations, Panels, and Workshops

Harriet Baber, PhD

Harriet Baber, PhD, Philosophy, presented a paper, "Eucharist: Metaphysical Miracle or Institutional Fact," at the Society of Christian Philosophers meeting at George Fox University in Newberg, OR, March 4, 2011.

Jeannie Galioto, MFA

Jeannie Galioto, MFA, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, designed the costumes for "The Importance of Being Earnest" for the MFA/Old Globe graduate program at The Studio Theater that ran through March 10. She costumed a photo shoot for the NBC television show star of "Chuck," Mark Christopher Lawrence, that will be on his website next month, and has been asked to be a panelist at the upcoming Steampunk and Victoriana Convention on May 6-8, 2011. She also designed costumes for "Fair Use" at Diversionary theatre where her design was recognized by the San Diego Union Tribune as "wise and witty."

Terry Glaser, MFA

Terry Glaser, MFA, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, conducted a workshop on February 17, 2011 for the Center for Educational Excellence: "Revealing Hidden Meanings in Nonverbal Communication." Through extensive role playing of real-life situations, the interactive workshop gave participants tools for recognizing the physical behaviors of students that indicate their attitude toward both subject matter and their professors. The unconscious physical behaviors of the participants were brought into the limelight so that they could be controlled and used to reinforce verbal communication, enhance authority, and increase inclusiveness and rapport.

Michelle M. Jacob, PhD

Michelle M. Jacob, PhD, Ethnic Studies, presented her paper "Indigenous Education and Intergenerational Healing" at the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meetings, at Seattle in March 2011. At the same professional meeting, Dr. Jacob presented on a presidential panel of indigenous women scholars of Eva Garroutte's monograph, Real Indians. In April 2011, Human Rights in the Americas Speakers Series hosted by the University of California Santa Cruz Latin American and Latino Studies Department.

Ken Keith, PhD

Ken Keith, PhD, Psychological Sciences, delivered an invited keynote address titled "Psychology and the Liberal Arts: An Olio in Defense of Teaching" at the recently completed Southeastern Teaching of Psychology Conference in Atlanta. Dr. Keith also co-authored two other presentations: "Incorporating Cross-Cultural Themes in the Psychology Curriculum," and "Myths and Misconceptions in Psychology."

Carrie Klewin, MFA

Carrie Klewin, MFA, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, coordinated the Stage Directors and Choreographers student directing event at the Region VIII Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in Los Angeles, and attended an artist retreat for the upcoming "Soulographie: Our Genocides" cycle of plays to be presented at LaMama ETC, in New York City.

Mitch Malachowski, PhD

Mitch Malachowski, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry, coordinated a workshop on "Institutionalizing Undergraduate Research" for the Council on Undergraduate Research from February 4-6, 2011 at Stetson University in DeLand, Fl. The workshop brought together 65 faculty and administrators from 13 institutions interested in increasing the participation of undergraduates in faculty scholarship. Dr. Malachowski delivered the four plenary lectures and worked with the teams to generate their goals for research.

Dr. Malachowski delivered a presentation entitled, "Applying Undergraduate Research Models in Diverse Settings," at the International Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Conference in Liverpool, England, October 18-20, 2010.

In addition, Dr. Malachowski delivered two talks at the University of Central Oklahoma on February 24, 2011. One was entitled, "To Do or Not to Do: Is Undergraduate Research the Answer to any of UCO's Questions?" while the second was, "The Benefits and Challenges of Engaging in Undergraduate Research." He is serving as a consultant to the University of Central Oklahoma as they reshape their approach to student learning. Additionally, he attended the National Science Foundation meeting for faculty and administrators with NSF TUES grants in Washington, DC from January 26-27, 2011. He gave a presentation entitled, "Institutionalizing Undergraduate Research using a Workshop-Based Model."

Lisa Nunn, PhD

Lisa Nunn, PhD, Sociology, was selected to screen her sociological film "Excluded: Immigration Struggles of a Gay, Bi-National Couple" in the Fallbrook Film Festival in Fallbrook, CA on April 9, 2011.

Thomas Reifer, PhD

Thomas Reifer, PhD, Sociology, has published "The 'Arab 1848': Reflections on US Policy and the Power of Nonviolence" in the February 2011 issue of the Transnational Institute (TNI). Download the PDF of the full article."

Monica Stufft, PhD

Monica Stufft, PhD, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, recently attended the Mid-America Theatre Conference in Minneapolis where she chaired a panel and presented "Historicizing the Kick Line: Embodied Practices in Chorus Girl Communities." She also attended the Pacific Sociological Association conference and presented "Performances that Matter: Sexuality and Gender on a Catholic University Campus."

Hugh Burkhart, MA

Hugh Burkhart, MA, MLIS, Copley Library, attended the International Conference on the Image at UCLA on December 2-3. On December 3, he presented a paper entitled "Cinema for the New Economy: The Films of Kelly Reichardt."

Allison Wiese, MFA

Allison Wiese, MFA, Art, Architecture + Art History, will be a panelist at the College Art Associations 2011 conference in New York in February, serving on a panel titled "Art/Technology Global Sample: The Ghost of Allan Kaprow" alongside international artists including Raqs Media Collective, Natalie Jeremijenko and Ntone Edjabe. One of a half-dozen "Centennial Sessions" commissioned to reflect on the differences between the last century and this one, the panel will survey specific work and larger trends around the world in Art/Research/Technology.

Ani P. Velo, PhD

Ani P. Velo, PhD, Mathematics and Computer Science, presented a paper titled "z-Transform Methods for the Resonance Frequencies of One-Dimensional Elastic Layered Media" at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Vancouver, Canada, November 15, 2010.

Tom Reifer, PhD

Tom Reifer, PhD, Sociology, was a speaker with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark on Clark's book The Torturer in the Mirror on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders, Wisconsin National Public Radio, September 22, 2010. And he presented "Immigrant Workers, Alternative Regionalisms, & the Struggle for Global Justice," at the Binational Conference on Border Issues, San Diego City College, December 1, 2010.

Eugenia Constantinou, PhD

Eugenia Constantinou, PhD, Theology and Religious Studies, presented two papers at the Annual Society of Biblical Literature conference in Atlanta, November 20-22, 2010. One paper, presented to the History of Interpretation Section, was entitled, "'One in Christ' But Multivalent in Meaning: The Creative Use of Galatians 3:27-28 in the Theological Controversies of the Early Church." Another paper, for the Lamentations Section, was entitled, "Lamentations for the Lord: Preserving a Pagan Past in the Modern Mourning Rituals of Orthodox Great Friday?" She also presided over a meeting of the Bible in the Oriental and Eastern Orthodox Tradition Section.

May C. Fu, PhD

May C. Fu, PhD, Ethnic Studies, was selected to participate in the 1st National Transformative Justice Action Conference sponsored by Philly Stands Up, a grassroots community organization in Philadelphia, PA. The gathering united community organizers and social justice activists from the United States and Canada who are dedicated to ending sexual assault through transformative justice.

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Creative Activity

Christopher Adler, PhD

Christopher Adler, PhD, Music, participated in the Working Group for Mathematics in Music which met in La Creuse, Paris and Lille, France in January. He presented a paper "Compositional Applications of Non-Retrogradable Self-Similar Sequences" at the Semiaire MaMuX at IRCAM (Centre Pompidou) and performed his compositions at Instant Chavires in Paris and the University of Lille Conservatory of Music. And his composition 11 Sequences for Tom Johnson, for pipe organ, was premiered at the American Church in Paris.

Robert Barry Fleming, MFA

Robert Barry Fleming, MFA, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, won the 2011 Shellie Award for Outstanding Direction of a Musical for All Shook Up. He recently helmed Center REP's critically-acclaimed production of the classic musical, She Loves Me, vocal and dialect coached the new musical Emma currently playing at the Old Globe and the La Jolla Playhouse production of Ruined (Winner of seven San Diego Theatre Critics Circle Craig Noel awards). Upcoming directorial and choreographic credits include Blues in the Night starring Cable Ace Award winner and Broadway star, Armelia McQueen (opening May) and directing Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company's production of Lydia Diamond's Stick Fly at the 10th Avenue Theatre running February 23-March 20th.