USD Psychology Journal Club

The Psychology Journal Club is a group of students committed to learning about current research in psychology and related fields. The goal of this club is to allow students with an interest in psychology and related fields to learn about and discuss current research. The meetings are informal and everyone is encouraged to participate with their own opinions and thoughts on articles and research.

All members and attendees of the club are invited to submit suggestions for articles and topics of interest. The psychology journal club will benefit students who are interested in pursuing graduate study or a career in research, as well as students who are interested in psychology research. The club will also help to improve analytical skills and critical evaluation of research.

Psychology Journal Club Meetings

Meeting Dates:

Dates TBD

Serra Hall 104B

12:30 p.m.

Club Officers

President: Angela Camacho

Vice President: Tamae Suguira

Secretary: Alexandra Super

Treasurer: Antonio Hill

Social Media Chair: Alexis Nacht

Faculty Advisor: Stephen Pearlberg