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Department of

Political Science and International Relations

United States Marshals Internship

by Shanyn Lillard

DISCLAIMER: Because of the confidentiality of this agency I was not comfortable with taking pictures of all the things we saw. I have put in this slide show those pictures that I am comfortable with giving out.



us marshals lobby

That statue is in the US Marshals lobby in Washington DC. Its of a deputy and I think its perfect for the how a deputy thinks of themselves. Its larger than life and standing in a noble position as if the statue is demanding respect, much like the deputies that has come before and will come after.


us marshals flag

After Osama Bin Laden had been shot and killed many people rushed to the White House in celebration. Although I wished to go the metro was not running and so I couldn’t, but my friend did go and said that the experience was different than she would have thought. She said at first she didn’t want to go because she was scared that there was going to be a riot but once she got there she realized that it was more of a party. People were celebrating and it wasn’t scary at all. She said that people were climbing on everything putting American flags up and this was the last flag that was up the next day when I got there. I thought it was weird that you would never have known there was a huge party the night before it was that clean the next day.