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Political Science and International Relations


Getting to Know Your Professors: Vidya Nadkarni


Inside USD -- Vidya Nadkarni, PhD, professor of political science in the College of Arts and Sciences, teaches the introductory course in international relations every Fall semester. She also offers upper division and graduate courses in international relations theory, American foreign policy, and Russian politics and foreign policy. Dr. Nadkarni has taught at USD since 1990.

Q: You are a Soviet specialist. What does that mean in today’s terms?

When the Soviet Union broke up into fifteen countries, Soviet specialists tended to gravitate toward studying the path that Russia forged after independence. In legal terms, Russia was a “continuer” rather than a “successor” state because Moscow inherited most of the assets but also most of the liabilities (debt, and so forth) of the Soviet Union. Russia today is dealing with a complex set of tsarist and communist legacies and trying to fashion what it means to be a Russian citizen in a multinational and multi-religious society. (Full Article)

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