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Political Science and International Relations


Comparative Social Movements Fall Course


Are you looking to take a fall course that will examine the origins and characteristics of social movements around the world?

POLS 494-02: Comparative Social Movements, Dr. Karen Shelby
Fall Semester
Tuesdays and Thursdays
10:45am-12:05pm in KIPJ 215

This course examines the life and times of social movements, using examples from a variety of places and times. What conditions foster the development of social movements? What elements are part of the toolkit of success for social movements? What elements work against social movement success? What defines “success” for social movements -- short-term results? long-term impact? heightened political awareness? policy change?

Students will also select a contemporary social movement and assess its organization and impact, in group presentation work and individual written assignments, as a means of thoughtful engagement with movements they choose for themselves to explore.

ContactSusan Szakonyi | | 619-260-6870
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