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Internship for Carl DeMaio for Mayor


Carl DeMaio’s campaign for mayor of San Diego has kicked off with a bang. DeMaio attended 25 events in his first 23 days of the campaign and continues to move forward with unparalleled tenacity.

DeMaio’s campaign is offering internship opportunities to any politically active people who would like the chance to take part in San Diego’s high energy 2012 mayoral race. Interns will learn and experience hands on the essential tasks of a professional political campaign. They will have the opportunity to network within the San Diego political community and receive a letter of recommendation upon completion of the program for their participation.

Hours are flexible and schedules are adjustable to accommodate work, school and family obligations.

This race will be nationally followed and you have the unique opportunity to take part in it. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about politics, meet influential people, and make a difference by campaigning for a candidate that matters.

Contact Tommy at (619) 786-0312 or to apply for the internship.


* Paid and unpaid internship opportunities are posted for informational purposes only. The postings do not constitute an endorsement by the University of the opinions or activities of the internship provider.

ContactSusan Szakonyi | | 619-260-6870
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