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Voters Will Get the Governor They Demand


San Diego Union Tribune-- What to make of Tuesday’s elections? Two local experts take a look at the results.

By Casey Dominguez

As the real race for the governorship of California begins, this is a good time for us, the voters, to ask ourselves what kind of general election campaign we would like to see. Most of us would probably say that we’d like to see a positive, issue-based campaign, where the candidates lay out their plans for serving as governor without attacking each other.

Unfortunately, what we need to have with each other and with our gubernatorial candidates is a frank conversation about priorities, tough decisions and trade-offs. We need to challenge both of the candidates to go beyond platitudes, and demand that they tell us hard truths about choices that they would make as governor. That conversation may not always be a sunny, positive one, as serious debates are contentious by nature. More unfortunate, unless voters and the media relentlessly demand it, that important conversation is unlikely to take place. (Full Story)

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