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Department of

Political Science and International Relations

Jonathan Wadley, PhD

Visiting Professor

Jonathan Wadley, PhD, began teaching at the University of San Diego in 2011. He teaches undergraduate courses on international relations and food politics. His research centers on the politics of everyday life, particularly on sexuality and food. The former was the subject of his doctoral research, which examined the effects of prostitution and human trafficking policies on migrant populations in Europe. The latter is the topic of his current work. In addition to his academic duties, he serves as the founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization that employs emerging technologies to cultivate political communities among animal welfare advocates.


Ph.D., University of Florida, Political Science
B.S., University of Florida, Business Administration
B.A., University of Florida, Political Science

Scholarly and Creative Work

Wadley’s research focuses on the (seemingly nonpolitical) topics of sexuality and eating. Most of this work to date has explored the ways in which sexual norms have shaped government policy. His dissertation – a piece of which was published in an edited volume titled Gender and International Security: Feminist Perspectives – examined the rapid development of prostitution and human trafficking policies within the European Union in the 1990s. It argued that those policies were shaped by specific notions of sexuality, which made them less effective at meeting the needs of the female migrant populations they purported to serve. His current research focuses on political consumerism in the American food production system, particularly as it relates to animal welfare standards.

Teaching Interests

Wadley has taught a wide range of courses in the subfields of international relations, political theory, and American government. At the University of Florida, he designed and taught three courses born of his research: Gender and International Relations, Women in World Politics, and Sexual Politics in Europe. During that time he was recognized by the UF Department of Political Science with the Best Graduate Student Teacher award. His recent course offerings include Food Politics in the U.S.A. and an Honors course in political theory.