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Physics and Biophysics

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Clubs and Activities:

Society of Physics Students

USD’s Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a vibrant and active club designed for any student interested in the wonders of physics. In addition to regular organizational meetings, SPS usually offers two to three major gatherings per semester, including such recent events as

  • Department gathering and volleyball at Mission BeachPhysics Club activity
  • Stationary sky diving at I-FLY Hollywood
  • Microwave Physics and liquid nitrogen demonstrations
  • LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM!!! (a serious crowd pleaser)

All interested USD students are invited to join SPS. No training or classes are required; all you need is a strong curiosity about the physical world around you.

In addition to our local chapter, all interested students are encouraged the join the national chapter of the Society of Physics Students. Membership fees are very reasonable and entitle you to Physics Today, a physics magazine written specifically for undergraduates, as well as many science networking opportunities.