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Department Chair

Rae M. Anderson

Rae M. Anderson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Interim Chair
(619) 260-8867

Office: SCST-279

Office Hours: MT 3:00-5:00

Rae Anderson joined the Physics faculty at USD in 2009. Anderson’s research explores the molecular dynamics and interactions that give rise to the fascinating properties of biological soft materials. Specifically, Anderson uses both optical trapping and fluorescence microscopy to characterize intermolecular forces and molecular motion in complex systems of entangled DNA molecules and cytoskeleton proteins such as actin. Anderson’s research is funded by an Air Force Young Investigator Program Award and an NSF CAREER Award. Anderson was also recently named a Scialog Fellow by Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

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Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson, PhD

Full Time Faculty
(619) 260-8865

Office: SCST-284

Michael Anderson has been at USD since 2009.

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S├ębastien Cormier

S├ębastien Cormier, PhD

Visiting Professor
(619) 260-8866

Office: SCST-278

Office Hours: MT 12:15-1:15 W 10:00-11:00

Sébastien Cormier has been a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Physics department since September of 2012. He teaches Introductory Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism. His research interests are in the fields of Physics and Astronomy Education Research where he develops curriculum and STEM outreach programs

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Chad Kishimoto, PhD

Visiting Professor
(619) 260-8815

Office: ST283

Office Hours: M 10:00-11:00, 12:15-1:15, & 2:30-3:30 W 10:00-11:00 & 12:15-1:15

Linhdung Pham

Linhdung Pham, PhD

Full Time Faculty
(619) 260-8868

Office: SCST-284

Linh Pham is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics where she teaches courses in General Physics, Introduction to Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Wave Motion, and Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism. Her research interest includes theoretical and computational fluid mechanics, turbulence, transport phenomena and environmental flows.

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Greg Severn

Greg Severn, PhD

(619) 260-6845

Office: SCST-285

Office Hours: 2014-2015 On Sabbatical

After completing a thesis in experimental plasma physics in the area of fusion energy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Physics at USD in 1987, becoming a full professor in 1994. He currently serves as Chair of the Department of Physics. His teaching ranges from Physics and Society to Quantum Physics, and he created the first advanced upper division laboratory course, Experimental Modern Physics, in the physics curriculum. His research focuses on experimental basic plasma physics and the use of tunable lasers as a diagnostic for ion dynamics.

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Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan, PhD

(619) 260-4095

Office: SCST-281

Office Hours: MF 12:15-1:15 W 12:15-2:15 R 8:00-9:00

Daniel Sheehan has been a member of the faculty at USD since 1989 and is Professor of Physics.  His research interests include the second law of thermodynamics, retrocausation, nanotechnology, plantary formation, and plasma physics.

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