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Dennis Rohatyn

Professor, Philosophy

Philosophy is about knowing yourself.  I’m still learning. History is indispensable; without it I cannot understand either myself or the world. In the meantime, I dream, I doubt, I wonder, therefore, despite all my faults, I am. I enjoy reading, writing, teaching and thinking—in short, living, not just existing.


Ph.D., Fordham University (1972)

Scholarly and Creative Work

Two Dogmas of Philosophy (1976)
The Reluctant Naturalist (1986)
Philosophy/History/Sophistry (1999)
Out Of My Mind (in progress)

Recent papers include “Moore’s Century and Ours” (2005), “What Hath Ford Wrought?” (2008), and “Einstein on the Strip” (2009). Rohatyn worked in public radio for many years, but prefers the intimacy of a live(ly) audience.

Teaching Interests

Rohatyn's interests include American Philosophy, Philosophy in Literature, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Education, Mass Media Ethics, Engineering Ethics,  Philosophy and Technology, several one-author seminars, and a growing passion for urbanism.