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Powerful Collaboration: Origami, USD Mathigami Project


Inside USD -- Would you feel safe traveling in a car if you weren’t sure the airbag was folded in such a way that it would function properly when it was needed most?

Did you know more than half million jobs in the United States can’t be filled because the nation’s workforce lacks sufficient knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields? What does the future hold for the U.S. when only about 25 percent of high school seniors are proficient in mathematics?

Feel powerless? Wonder what can be done to produce more confident, curious and critical-thinking students? What fun, creative activity can energize them?

The short answer is origami. A long-term education solution, proposed by the leadership actions of some University of San Diego students, alumni, and a dedicated administrative advisor, is Mathigami. (Full Article)

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