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Great Mindset for Physics, Computer Science


Chris Yip, like most University of San Diego seniors, is closing in on one of life’s cherished accomplishments: earning a college degree. He, like some others, will graduate next month with a pair of undergraduate degrees, an impressive feat in four years at USD.

Yip’s accomplishment, though, will be doubly impressive as his majors are physics and computer science. He’s already been accepted for a fall graduate program in Quantum Computing at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He’s been a model student at USD, participating in a USD summer research program — SURE — and he is a sought-after tutor. Last October, Yip gave a poster presentation on plasma-oriented research at a conference held on the Princeton University campus.

“When I think about my time at USD, I think it’s gone by quickly, but I’ve gotten a lot done,” Yip said. “Given all my classes I feel I’ve squeezed five and a half years into four. It’s been amazing. I know everything I’ve learned will stay with me, it’ll make me a better person and help me in the future.” (Full Article)

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