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New Letters Can Be Added to DNA Alphabet


North County Times-- The four "letters" of the DNA alphabet that spell out life's immense complexity can be expanded with two artificial letters that function much like the natural ones, according to a study led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute.

Possible applications include engineering new forms of life with properties not found in nature, and molecular-sized "nanobots", Floyd Romesberg of Scripps, a senior author of the new study, said in a Friday interview...

The study was published online [June 3, 2012] in the scientific journal Nature Chemical Biology. The Romesberg laboratory collaborated with the laboratory of co-senior author Andreas Marx at the University of Konstanz in Germany, and the laboratory of Tammy J. Dwyer at the University of San Diego. (Full Story)

Tammy Dwyer, PhD, is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of San Diego. 

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