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Local Experts Say Document Leaks are Dicey, Not Disastrous


San Diego Union Tribune -- University of San Diego professor Vidya Nadkarni said this political black eye for the White House follows closely behind the damage caused by the June firing of Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, for uncomplimentary remarks about the administration in a Rolling Stone article.

“In terms of political fallout, I think there’s weakening support for the war. I think this will give ammunition to those against the war,” she said.

“Given all of the buffeting the Obama administration has taken with the McChrystal issue, it’s going to be one more thing for them now. The administration is going to have to regroup to try to portray this in the most positive light possible.”

Another question, Nadkarni said: What does this mean for America’s ally nations, where support for the Afghanistan war is mostly lower than in the United States? (Full Story)

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