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Updated Information on Election 2008 Events on Campus


Have you already decided on who will get your vote on Nov.4 to become the next President of the United States? What about the issues? What about the candidates’ stance on the issues?

Even if you’re already leaning toward a particular candidate, the University of San Diego is offering a series of discussions to provide voters with an overview about specific election issues.

David A. Shirk, Ph.D., director of USD’s Trans-Border Institute and assistant professor of Political Science and International Relations, gave a presentation on immigration on Feb. 14. Approximately 35 students attended as Shirk presented a balanced look at an important national and local issue.

Shirk’s talk centered on two main points — the need for United States immigration policy reform and for economic development in Mexico. He provided statistical information on the history of United States immigration, examined the migration of people from Mexico and discussed reasons why some people do not go through the legal process to enter the United States.He pointed out recent attempts at immigration legislation in Congress and touched on the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, which is bipartisan legislation in the Senate (S2205) and the House of Representatives (HR1275). The act offers to help young people who were brought to the United States years ago as undocumented immigrant children who have since grown up here and hace stayed out of trouble. (Full Story Inside USD)

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