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“Mugs of the Mesas” Showcases Southwestern Art


A new exhibit at USD’s David W. May American Indian Gallery features nearly 50 prehistoric mugs and bowls from the May Collection and explores the history of ceramics from the Southwest.

“The exhibit focuses on an interesting and unusual type of prehistoric pottery found in the Four Corners regions of the American Southwest between A.D. 1000 and 1280,” said Tim Gross, the exhibit curator. These single-serving vessels or mugs “are found in sites like the Cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde and at sites in Chaco Canyon,” he said.

Also on display are the Mimbres bowls from the May collection with “beautiful depictions” of life forms on their interiors, he added.

In addition to Gross’ work, Paul Johnson designed the exhibit which features photographs by William Lile. (Full Story Inside USD)

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